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Sapporo Dome MVP Award
We elect player who played an active part in Sapporo Dome most this season with fan!
Sapporo Dome MVP Award 2019 fan voting!
Sapporo Dome MVP Award 2019 soccer section

Sapporo Dome MVP Award to give player who played an active part in Sapporo Dome most in the year in hope of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, development of Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo and further achievement of player. Receiving a prize player of soccer section was decided in 2019 seasons!
Thank you for your many votes.

Receiving a prize player
Selection reason

・We win most vote by fan voting that we carried out at our website top (266 of 1,464 votes in total)

・The dynamic and highly-destructive left foot attracted supporter with characteristic.

・In Sapporo Dome, we gave 6 scores of the team first place and pulled attack of Sapporo.

・We gave 4 scores and were able to excite supporter of Sapporo very much though we fell off pitch in Shimizu game of March 9.

The prize money
1 million yen
The presentation ceremony
We are going to hold the presentation ceremony on Monday, December 9.
Vote reasons (some extracts) from all of you to put Lopez player

・Because we decide shot in game in Sapporo Dome most. Fall in Shimizu game remains in impression very much, too.

・This is because it was excellent at 4 goals in the dome opening game, impact including the scene feeling a chill after goal. In the next season, we expect double-digits score.

・We gave 6 scores of the team top in Sapporo Dome and there was scene which fell off not only scene which raised its 4 scores but also pace and caught mind of supporter in Shimizu game of March 9.

・It is player who was able to excite Sapporo Dome in fall from pace, the next and goal and play various aspects in other game after the goal!

・He/she mass-produced goals from vivid debut in various meanings as the strongest FW camp. We will want you to challenge the world together next year.

・4 shocking goals of the home opening game, shocking goal performance. The perfect Sapporo Dome MVP who showed structure of Sapporo Dome to the whole country.

・Impact that fall accident of the dome opening game gave to all of japan, world soccer fan was great. They thought that Sapporo Dome soccer ground was recognized widely, and 4 goals of the opening game were fantastic.

・It is advertised as we drop under shock, the signboard of one game 4 goal, and picture of Sapporo Dome was broadcasted in SNS and national news, and there is only Lopez by achievement plus popularity contribution.

・Four + fall in Section 3 Shimizu game shook Hokkaido! sho

・Make the debut from the start vividly, leading scorer in dome. We play an active part to the full, and let's catch league leading scorer next year!

Receiving a prize player
Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Kohei Arihara

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