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Dome Overview

You can see Facility Overview of Sapporo Dome.

We introduce the world's first technology that enabled baseball and soccer, both holding.

We introduce history of Sapporo Dome and the past main event holding results.

We introduce each generation receiving a prize of "Sapporo Dome MVP Award" to give player who played an active part in Sapporo Dome most in the year.

We introduce Sapporo Dome members club where there are a lot of nice privileges.

We introduce concept of logo mark of Sapporo Dome.

It is fairy of Sapporo Dome produced by joy and impression of people gathering for Sapporo Dome and natural energy of Sapporo.

We introduce way of enjoying only by Sapporo Dome according to themes.

Sapporo Dome continues working hard to provide the best stage variously so that all all of you having you arrive are satisfied.

You can see event information, "Sapporo Dome Dome news" to guide business plan of each facility (bimonthly issuance) held in Sapporo Dome in PDF.

ichi sends information to want to see, and to want to know including news of event and ticket release information, shop and restaurant in dome early!

It is e-mail magazine to send available day of arena to all of you who want to use Sapporo Dome indoor arena by amateur baseball.